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1001 Hugs

Free Hugs for Everyone

Free Hugs for Everyone
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Drop by here if you need a hug
Hello everyone. This community is here for anyone that needs a hug. It works in two ways.

1. If you need a hug, let us know! Just post that you need a hug. You don;t have to provide details but can if you wish.

2. If you are a member of this group, if someone asks for a hug, give it! you can respond further if you wish but what we want are hugs.

Hug examples:

*hugs hugs hugs*
*super big hugs*
*a million hugs*
*tackle hugs*
*bear hugs*
*guy hugs*
*hugs you tight*

And any other kind of hug you can think of!

What I hope for this community is that it can be a welcoming, open place where anyone who needs that little boost can come and be welcome.

Now get out there and give some hugs!